Who Are Nguvu
Change Leaders

In the last 6 years, our flagship program She Creates Change has trained over 300+ women Change Leaders. In India alone, women change leaders have created 50+ policy-level changes, impacting the lives of over 600 million women! 

The Collective

Change Leaders from this collective have already raised the standard for progressive civic policies in their communities. Their campaigns have mobilised millions of people around issues including health, economic justice, single parent’s rights,  environment, public safety, maternal health, and disability access. 

Their efforts have resulted in a shift in the public narrative, macro and micro-level changes in society, changes to policies, and the creation of new laws. 


Launchpad is an immersive leadership program built on the philosophy of community-led social change and campaigning expertise for people who identify as women.

This program is organised by Nguvu Collective as part of our mission to empower the most marginalised groups in society and aims to support women and non-binary people to identify their purpose, agency and develop their digital campaigning expertise. 

In the last 6 years, Launchpad has trained over 500+ women Change Leaders in Africa and Asia.